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留学生をサポート Support for International Students

The office of international communication is happy to help our international students with
their school life in Japan and any of concerns and questions!

在校留学生資格取得率 100%!!


  • コンピュータ言語をしっかり学習します。(C言語・Java)
  • 日本での就職を支援します。
  • プログラミング中心の授業があるので実力がつきます。


  • 日本語能力試験、日本留学試験の受験をサポートします。
  • 大学編入、大学受験に備え、個別による対応を行います。


  • キーボード検定。
  • プログラミング能力認定試験(Visual Basic、C言語、Java)
  • パソコン能力評価試験(HTML、PHP)



About Our School`s Program

Many international students are studying at our school and more than 90 percents
of them get qualifications related to IT.

For Job

The students

  • Can learn programming languages. (Visual Basic, C and Java)
  • Will learn practical skills and knowledge in our programming classes.
  • Are supported to find a job in Japan.

For college/university

Our school offers

  • Well-designed programs for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).
  • Special courses for college/university admissions exams.
  • Academic Japanese language courses for international students.

Target qualifications

  • Vocational qualification in typing skills
  • Vocational qualification in Java programming
  • Our school provides special programs designed for qualifying exams of those qualifications.

在校留学生資格取得率 The Exam pass rates of our international students

  • キーボード技能検定 100%
    Vocational qualification in Typing skills
  • Word検定 100%
    Microsoft Office Specialists in Word
  • プログラミング能力認定試験 100%
    Skills test in computer programming